Perth Heat Wave - Keep Hydrated!

Author: Fai   Date Posted:5 February 2016 

5 consecutive days of 40 degrees!

Perth is facing 5 consecutive days of 39 degree plus weather. It is more important than ever to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. Kids especially need to be encouraged to drink more water during the hotter weather. 

Here are some simple tips to stay hydrated:

Bring your BROS bottle out on trips -  if you are going out, be sure to fill up your BROS Bottle with water and take it whereever you go so you have easy and quick access to water during the day. A lot of public places have free water refill stations to fill up your bottle for free. 

Add ice cubes to chill your water -  Nearly all of the BROS bottles feature a wide mouth design which makes it super simple to pop in a handful of ice cubes to keep your water cold. 

Keep track of how much water you drink -  most adults need at least 2L of water per day and its a good idea to drink even more when its hot. If you have a 500ml BROS Bottle, remember to fill it up 4 times during the day. 


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